Low Force

Imagine Chiropractic without the cracking and twisting

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Computerized testing

Many patients have visited a chiropractor only to find that the only thing that they can tell happened was that their back cracked. With computerized spinal testing you can see your improvement.

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We've made care affordable!

In this era of rising costs of insurance and doctors visits. It's nice to know there is an effective and affordable way for you to maximize you health. Our cash fee is lower than most plans co-pays.

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Gentle and Effective Care

At Chestnut Ridge Chiropractic we use low force instrument adjusting that is both gentle and precise. Chiropractic doesn't have to hurt. Using the Arthrostim adjuster spinal corrections can be made while at no time is there any twisting, popping or cracking. Our adjusting technique can be used on any one from infants to the elderly.

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